Hear, see and feel my organization – Doro, Switzerland – August 15-22, 2015

BergZeitRaum from 15. –  22. or 25.8.2015  – Doro, Switzerland

We are fortunate to live at a times when our consciousness about organizations is growing fast. From the idea of a machine (if you give the right input, and the processes are running correctly, you will receive the right output) to the idea of a family (if only the relationships are good and everybody feels fine, everything will be wonderful) we now arrive to the idea of an organization as a unique organism. This time in the mountains will lead us to a deeper understanding of this. We will have space and time for a shared exploration-Journey: how can we learn to understand our organization and learn how to follow it´s own growth instead of manipulating it with strategies.

For this we will have an entire week, (15.-22.8.2015) to come together in deep connection with our own organizations, both alone and all together, through dialogues, by walking, doing constellation work, … We will share the stories with each other in which we already experienced times of connection. We will explore different methods and experiment with them, discovering, which ones are worthwhile. But first of all we will find the trust in us that our organization (including all the members) can lead us to unsuspected wholeness and to success, only if we listen to it.

Extraordinary success in organizations depends on the connectedness between people. Successful communication on different levels is very important for this, and we will use the “transparent communication” as a tool to explore this.

Silke Weiß und Monia Ben Larbi, are responsable for the structure and the space for this journey, our intention and desire is  support and facilitate the conditions for a deep experience.

We want to share with you our knowledge, and invite you to do the same, so that we can learn from each other and deepen and widen our wisdom.


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