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Enlivening Edge Community Conversations


Some participants have said:

“How is it that we weave so much love into the space?” – Alexandra Pilavachi

“The We is the One.” – Mila Aliana

“… the new and emergent in us is like a fawn coming down to drink at the pond; it needs a lot of care, respect, and a deep listening if we’re to be witnesses.” – Anna Betz

Such sentiments are like others quoted in EE Magazine columns by Andrew Carter MacDonald devoted to reflections on the conversations. Everyone who shows up is filled with deep appreciation, and has helped the conversations evolve to their current forms.

As of March, 2019, over 900 participants were signed up for these conversations. Typically, callers from over a dozen countries around the world show up for each conversation; over time, so many report their needs for sharing, being heard, having “Teal” conversations, belonging, and networking are amply being met. Synergies are abounding and many cooperative projects have been created.

On the first Thursday of each month, one participant shares their story of an experience in co-creating the next stage of consciousness in organizations, and everyone shares feelings and insights about their similar experiences.

On the third Thursday of each month, the “Engaging Collective Emergence” conversations actually practice for 1.5 hours being open to what is emerging in the group for sharing and exchanges. Click here to read the article on this conversation series.

Our Intention

Our shared intention for co-creating a sacred space for this online gathering is:

  • Providing a safe place to engage with others and grow deeper connections, a sense of belonging, personal empowerment, and wholeness
  • Providing an environment for networking and collaboration
  • Offering support to people who are actively exploring or practicing or interested in Teal consciousness, Reinventing Organizations, or next-stage organizations: a place to rest, de-stress, and receive nurturance and encouragement
  • Co-creating an environment of inspiration, hope, contribution, and joy
  • Facilitating an awareness of the social ecosystem of the movement for change, which we are a part of, for greater collective impact.

Call Format

You do not need to attend all of the conversations; each stands on its own. However, by attending more, you are able to benefit more from our continuing explorations.

We use the Zoom video-conferencing platform, so we can break into small groups to have more intimate portions of the conversations.

After each conversation, the hosting team stays online for 15 minutes to answer questions and create a place for more connection and belonging to evolve.

How to Participate

To be notified in advance about each call and receive access information, go here and sign up to receive Community Conversations Notifications. If you do not have Zoom, the notification will tell you how to set it up (for free), which takes only a minute or two.

All Enlivening Edge Community Conversations take place at 10 AM US-Pacific, and—depending on the time of year—6 PM UK, 7 PM Austria. There is no charge to participate.

The hosting team is Will Van Inwagen, Doug Breitbart, and Alia Aurami. We are all delightedly looking forward to being with you!

Please email if you have any questions.