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Join Our Team

Where does your joy and talent match our need?

Enlivening Edge is a living system with a life of its own. Imagine stepping into a role that vitalizes the system and energizes you.

Our top current needs

  • Social Media Coordinator who loves shouting good news around the web and attracting people who could benefit from knowing more about EE
  • MailChimp Champ to leverage MailChimp for adding value to EE as an organization and to inspire and engage our community, including design and production of our Magazine Highlights
  • EE Magazine Republications Editor passionate about sharing inspiring and useful stories far and wide
  • WordPress Articles Maven to prepare the feast offered to our Magazine readers
  • Advertising Partnership Implementer who enjoys developing relationships with advertising partners, and designing and implementing agreements
  • Audience Research Lead designing and carrying out feedback methods to improve the value, impact, and usability of our products and services.
  • Graphic Designer creating beautiful graphics and design on EE’s website and mailings, defining and maintaining our visual identity.
  • Online Community Host (for Facebook or elsewhere) stewards the space for vibrant conversations, inspirations, and synergies among participants to enhance the next-stage movement.

Other opportunities!  Is one yours?

  • EE Forum Cultivator, the host of our lively and profound internal communications space
  • Public Relations Creator keen to let more people in next-stage movements learn about and benefit from EE
  • Greeter with a warm heart for inviting people who know about EE, into closer relationship
  • Section Editors and contributors who know sectors, movements, or countries, (listed on those pages or not) and are keen to write or invite original articles, or track down re-publishable content
  • Website Analyzer who is proficient in SEO and WordPress
  • Editors who delight in working with authors to shape valuable articles, and are keen to follow EE’s unique editing approach
  • Developer of EE’s emerging branding criteria and vetting processes, one of our most enlivening edges
  • Sponsorship Cultivator – weaver of appreciative synergies between EE and other organizations in the next-stage movements
  • If new economics is your passion, our Donor Cultivator role weaves heart and new value exchanges into this function

If any of these possibilities light you up, let’s start a conversation today.

If your gifts and joys are not reflected above, let’s invent something together.

There are many ways to contribute your time, passion, expertise and energy to Enlivening Edge. You can play on the edges or join us in the deep end.

If you feel drawn to the deep end, check out all the current Roles in our Holacracy® based organization of Partners. We invite you to a circle of like-purposed friends who revel in co-creation, re-invention, and serving our evolutionary purpose.