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Where does your joy and talent match our need?

Enlivening Edge is a living system with a life of its own. Imagine stepping into a role that vitalizes the system and energizes you.

Our top current needs

  • Teal-savvy lawyer who is familiar with Holacracy
  • MailChimp Champ who enjoys creating beautiful email campaigns in MailChimp
  • Wealth Nurturer who delights in shaping business models and revenue-producing plans
  • Magazine Audience Researcher who is curious to learn more about our readers
  • Section Editors and contributors who know sectors, movements, or countries, (listed on those pages or not) and are keen to write or invite original articles, or track down re-publishable content
  • Advertising Partnership Implementer who enjoys developing relationships with advertising partners, and designing and implementing agreements
  • Website Analyzer who is proficient in SEO and WordPress
  • Writers who relish informing, inspiring, telling good stories, and making an impact
  • Editors who delight in working with authors to shape valuable articles, and are keen to follow EE’s unique editing approach
  • Imagineers who revel in creating impactful visuals
  • Video-makers who are passionate about discovering and conveying the enlivening edge of organizations in transformation

If any of these possibilities light you up, let’s start a conversation today.

If your gifts and joys are not reflected above, let’s invent something together.

There are many ways to contribute your time, passion, expertise and energy to Enlivening Edge. You can play on the edges or join us in the deep end.

If you feel drawn to the deep end, check out all the current Roles in our Holacracy® based organization of Partners. We invite you to a circle of like-purposed friends who revel in co-creation, re-invention, and serving our evolutionary purpose.