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Published originally by the Nobl Collective

In a world of mounting complexity, hastening change, and unprecedented uncertainty, teams across the globe find themselves increasingly less capable and less creative. Like many others, we strongly believe that organizations today employ principles and practices developed for a bygone era.

It is our intent to rally a community of practitioners to create the future of organizational design and governance. A community that can discuss and debate without prejudice or preoccupation for a single methodology or model. A community that can gather to identify the most common and the most crucial areas to address.

With this in mind, we aim to host an in-person gathering of practitioners to define a common ground for our shared work and plant the seeds for a common language.


We are hoping to host a 2-3 day Summit in Q1 of 2016 in a location that is amenable to the majority of participants.

To accomplish this, we need to identify the first group of participants for this Summit. This form will remain up until September 28th. Please note that we are biased toward individuals that not only speak/write on the topic but are actively involved in the design and governance of their own teams and organizations. Yes, this Summit will be constrained in terms of attendance, but we will do everything in our power to ensure that the process and product are open to everyone.

Once attendees are settled and committed, we hope to have the date, location, and agenda defined before the end of November.


Although we at NOBL are taking this first step of calling a community to arms, we do not wish to dictate the conversation or the outcome of that conversation. We simply hope to spark a process among likeminded individuals that can positively impact broad swaths of those struggling with the current design of human organizations. We hope that participants will choose to publish the work openly and that it will have nothing to do directly with NOBL or its brand.

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