Visiting his home country of Hungary during the Integral European Conference there in May 2016, where Enlivening Edge curated IEC’s Teal Organizations track, in this interview George Pór is talking about:

  • being a social architect (1:00)
  • roles that he is energizing (1:29)
  • the story of Enlivening Edge (2:44)
  • increasing the collective intelligence of the Teal ecosystem (3:10)
  • the Teal movement going mainstream (3:45)
  • his professional journey leading to embracing “Reinventing Organizations” (4:12)
  • reaching transformation at the societal scale (5:30)
  • prototyping the future (5:43)
  • integral embodiment of the next-stage (6:18)
  • a conference as a sacred space (7:09)
  • how Life is carrying itself forward towards a universal humanity (9:26)

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