WHAT Enlivening Edge is and what it can become

Enlivening Edge is an expression of our passion for filling the gap between the present conditions in most workplaces that limit people’s potential, and what people can become in organizations which are re-invented for the benefit of all.

Enlivening Edge is also what you make of it. Originally, it was only a minimalist website with a newsletter, reporting from the frontline of transformational work in organizations. With the help of many of you, it became a media hub including EETV, a community vibrant with co-learning, co-inspiration and co-creation, and a commons of emergent practices and ideas worth improving and propagating. We hope that Enlivening Edge will grow with the movement, and that with every bi-monthly cycle of our online magazine and every project such as EETV, Enlivening Edge will become more and more “owned” by you all.

WHY we do this work

The ultimate reason why we do this work is encapsulated by the unfolding evolutionary purpose of Enlivening Edge:

our essence: Nourishing the conscious evolution of people, organizations, and social systems.

our blessing: Weaving people, knowledge, and inspiration to strengthen the ecosystem of next-stage movements.

our mission: Boosting the emergent collective intelligence, consciousness, and impact of the ecosystem of next-stage organizations and initiatives, until they become  the new mainstream of organizing work. *

We want to support organizations where the journey to Teal is engaged or being explored. They are increasingly interwoven in an informal web of meet-ups, book reading groups, communities of practice, online exchanges, the  Reinventing Organizations wiki, and the Reinventing Organizations book’s expanding global readership via a growing number of translations into many languages (now 26.)

We intend to further energize that ecosystem, by letting it see itself more clearly and connecting it with more of its parts.

WHO we are—our team and beyond

Presently, the “we” is a small group of colleagues, and a larger group of other volunteers, attracted to the possibility of making organizations more hospitable to the human spirit and dignity, and who feel committed to help realizing that possibility. You can find some information about our team, here.

This publication came into being thanks to a small seed fund provided by the pioneering transformation agency, Future Considerations. Launching it has been largely a work of love by a small group of people enthused about the book Reinventing Organizations. (Its author, Frederic Laloux, is a big supporter of this initiative, albeit not actively involved with it.)

The “we” is also a placeholder for an “Enlivening Edge” circle of correspondents bringing news from all the countries where the Teal wave is coming alive. Also, correspondents that use Enlivening Edge for connecting the many streams of transformation that we support. For instance, we think of Adaptive Organizations, B-Corps, Conscious Business, Democratic Workplaces, Holacracy, Management 3.0, Radical Management, Re-inventing Organizations, Responsive Organizations, Social Business, Tribal Leadership, U.labs, just to name a few.

We seek community and mutually supportive relationship with others who sense from a different angle into the same emergence, the same need.

HOW we work

Presently, Enlivening Edge exists in a couple of different formats. Primarily, it’s an online magazine with regularly published articles. Our bi-monthly Magazine Highlights subscribers receive brief descriptions of our “best” articles since the last emailed Magazine Highlights.

We also build presence and community on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

EE is not only about the Teal paradigm of organizing; our team practices embodying it in how we organize ourselves and our work. For example, we’ve adopted Holacracy® as our approach to self-management.

If you feel drawn to play with us, you’re invited to a circle of friends engaged in intense fun and co-creation on the edge, constantly reinventing ourselves as we help reinventing organizations. See how you can GET INVOLVED.

* The idea to use a 3-part purpose statement is inspired by the work of Tim Kelley as described in his book True Purpose. Each part describes a different aspect of Enlivening Edge’s evolutionary purpose.