teal thank you imageHow strange is it for parts of a whole to thank other parts of a whole? If Enlivening Edge were a traditional magazine, this would be the page on which the production staff thanks the Authors and the Donors.

But EE is a whole, composed of production staff, visionary founders, writers, editors, readers, supporters, publicizers, sharers, cheerleaders, community builders, not to mention those who allow us to republish their writing from elsewhere, plus those contributing in-kind and financial resources, plus all those written about, and everyone contributing to their endeavors, and everyone who is in the related global conversation and who are learning from/teaching one another.

Pretty soon, the whole planet is thanking itself! And perhaps that’s as it should be! 🙂 However, it’s all fractal, so for this page, here are the parts thanking other parts:

We who are involved in producing Enlivening Edge take this moment to express our profound gratitude and appreciation especially to our AUTHORS who have written articles for Enlivening Edge. The wisdom and passion you’ve shared through your writing helps EE and its readers flourish and serve reinvention on many scales.

EE is about building momentum for Teal transformation in each sector of society. Our content is only as important as the conversations it triggers and the communities it attracts and serves. The thoughtfulness and willingness of our authors, enables those conversations and communities to become sparks.

All of that, goes equally for our DONORS, contributing the financial resources to enable the rest of the whole to operate, flourish, and thrive.

If you are inspired to contribute in any way, contact us or visit our donation page. And if you want to be thanked as “Anonymous” that can be arranged!


From our part of the One Heart we are, to yours: THANK YOU!

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