Will Van Inwagen

I love the art and practice of container-building where a safe, nurturing space is co-created for people to express and share their heartfelt feelings and thoughts. This is what has attracted me to Enlivening Edge. Being an energizer of the roles of Community Building, I am blessed with amazing opportunities to work and play within such a diverse worldwide community.

I have co-created a place called The Enlivening Edge Community calls, an environment in which people like you are gathering to have a different conversation about our individual journeys into this amazing world of next-stage organizations.

In this sacred space we start to connect and learn more about each other, what is important for each person, and what common threads have drawn us together. I love hosting generative conversations to expand our beliefs and perceptions of the world.

Enlivening Edge is a global communications hub from which people find what is happening in the world of next-stage organizations. Energizing the role of Magazine Republications Editor gives me the opportunity to bring articles that show cutting edge developments.

Having been the publisher and editor of a local holistic magazine has given me the background and experience to now serve a global community.

My wife Karen and I came to the awesome Pacific Northwest in Olympia, Washington, to help support our daughter who is a Black Hawk pilot in the army, and son-in-law who was in Special Forces, during their deployments, and helping with the care and nurturance of our granddaughters.

In Joy