Teal movement

Who Is Going Teal Germany?

By Helge Koops for Enlivening EdgeIn January 2016, a Teal network was born and I was excited to be part of it. It happened in the form of six concurrent wor... More
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Movements Meet

This column is an expanded version of a comment I posted on Facebook to further the conversation started by Otto Scharmer’s blog in Huffington Post MITx u.lab: ... More
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Movement Buzz on Facebook

George PórThere's a whole movement out there going for "helping businesses create more peacemakers, artists, storytellers, healers in their systems," that M... More
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Starting a Teal Meetup

For people who are not only dissatisfied with the status quo and interested in working in a Teal environment, but also in building the Teal movement.... More