By George Por for Enlivening Edge Magazine

One of our readers wrote: “I try to imagine EE as a prototype. What would it be?”

My guess is that we can’t really imagine it before we turn it into a prototype. But maybe we can explore what we’d like to see EE becoming a prototype for?

In my imagination, EE can become a prototype for:

• a new form of cooperative enterprises, where the members care for and support each other’s well-being and fuller potential as much as their own

• collective sensing and meaning-making organs of social movements, which augment their collective intelligence, wisdom, and impact

• an ecosystem of EE-branded, self-organizing, Teal media organizations that pursue their evolutionary purpose in a variety media, engaging the power of synergy, cross-marketing, and transmedia storytelling

Of course, that list is not complete. Why not share the fruits of your imagination about what you would like to see EE becoming a prototype for?

Whatever we imagine, I recommend that those of us are or want to be engaged in the prototyping use the questions associated with the 5 dimensions outlined by Otto Scharmer below.

5 Dimensions Prototyping

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