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Adapting Change to Fit Complexity

by Dawna Jones, Connecting Decisions to Creating Prosperity   and originally published at Huffington PostCompanies work hard to adapt to changing mar... More

Re-imagining Long-term Care

By Rudy P. Friesen for Enlivening EdgeAlthough this article is primarily looking at long-term care, I want to consider all levels of care and am keen to e... More

Dimensions of Wholeness

By Tom Atlee and originally published on The Co-Intelligence InstituteCo-intelligence theory rests on the foundation of "wholeness." Different people and sc... More

Who Is Going Teal Germany?

By Helge Koops for Enlivening EdgeIn January 2016, a Teal network was born and I was excited to be part of it. It happened in the form of six concurrent wor... More