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The UK’s first Teal Community of Practice will hold its third meeting on 30 September, 1:00 to 5:30 PM, in London.

Given the suggestions from many members of the community, the next gathering is to address our shared interest in practical experiences that support us in working in and with organisations on reinventing themselves. We will also learn about self-management, by experimenting with it in action, and use role-playing to explore the challenges of introducing it in organisations.

In preparation to the role playing, please read the two articles from the opposite ends of the debate going on about self-management: Zappos’ “No Leadership” Plan isn’t Working and Misperceptions of Self-Management. Be prepared to be either the voice of the sceptics or the enthusiasts of working without bosses, by reflecting on this question: Does such a flatter, more democratic management approach make sense for Zappos and its customer service driven model?

Please read also Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux if you have not yet done so, or at least this blog about it, and watch this 20-min video of Frederic talking at RSA in London. (The talk is 20 minutes, the rest is Q&A.)

If you plan to attend, RSVP is important. Let us also know if you want to participate in a community dinner after the meeting. Send your confirmation both for the meeting and the dinner at your earliest convenience to Anna Betz at anna(at)schoolofcommoning(dot)com. If you have any question, that’s the same email to address it to.

The venue is St. Ethelburga‘s Centre on Bishopsgate. See map.

A donation of £10 will be requested to cover costs.



We hope to see you there.

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