Re-inventing Our Organisation – Bern, Switzerland – October 27, 2015

Re-inventing Our Organisation – Bern, Switzerland – October 27, 2015

Hi everyone

We are an inspired team of change and transformation consultants working in a large telecom company in Switzerland. We are currently organizing a conference about how to re-invent our organisation.

We are going to introduce different agile-approaches and part of the day will be a open space conference in order to adress the concrete next steps in our transformation journey.

We are all excited about organizing this conference and we are currently looking for a team/company or network which has already implemented some teal practises or switched to teal completely:). The conference will be held in Bern and is going to take place the 27of october.

Is anyone interested in joining us and talking about his or her experience? Or maybe know someone? It would be very nice if you could send me a message – I do very much appreciate it.

Thank you – Stefanie

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