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I love to write these editorials, because at the end of a mad rush to put together with Alia and Edith the forthcoming issue #7 of this newsletter, I relish the opportunity to sample and savor the rich crop of articles we published, and events that happened, since the last newsletter.
So without further ado, I share with you what I found particularly juicy and full of seeds for a world of more humane organizations and social systems, where our talent can bloom and our calling is honored.

When the May EE newsletter was emailed, most of the EE team was at beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary (my home country). We were participating in the Integral European Conference 2016, for which our team convened, organized and curated the “Teal Organizations” track. This was the first face-to-face event we designed and carried out. That was made possible because the IEC team provided the infrastructure and all the organizing efforts for the larger conference. You can get an overview of the workshops and presentations introduced by our track if you click on the “Teal track” tab on this page. You will also find 11 harvest reports from our events at the conference here.

Right after the conference, we went for our first annual team retreat, in the Hungarian countryside, close to the lake, where we rejoiced in each other’s company, most of us having met the others for the first time in person at the conference. We grew closer to each other, and engaged in soulful inquiry to rediscover our evolutionary purpose, and started exploring what it will take for us to become a Self-organizing Enterprise with proper legal structure. See our beaming faces in the Featured Image above!

The more we have, since EE began a year ago, talked with companies going Teal all over the world, the more we became aware of the tensions between new ways of organizing and old frameworks that hold us back. That’s why we defined the thematic focus for this issue as organizational/financial/legal structures for self-managing enterprises. You can find articles related to it here.

We started growing a model of business to help us serve all the wonderful things that you re-inventors are doing in the world, at increasing scale and impact, with broader reach, and in multiple media. You can see the first, modest step of expanding our work in the just-launched Enlivening Edge TV.

We have also expanded into the area of collaborative development of shared know-how, by a group of reinvention practitioners engaged in EE’s PARC (Participatory Action Research Community) facilitated by Bjorn Uldall.

I saved the two most delicious morsels of news for now, near the end of this Introduction to newsletter issue 8. The first is this: the Enlivening Edge Community is born!  After wading through all our exciting news and marking the ones that you want to come back to later, you can just walk over to the Community space and relax in the company of old and new friends. We are a community of practice, where you can talk about projects you are working on, explore challenging questions from your practice, ask for and receive support, or just expand your network with like-minded and like-hearted fellow enliveners.

The second news of huge importance to the Teal movement, which I can’t complete this writing without, is the recent publication of Reinventing Organizations illustrated book version, with this subtitle: An Illustrated Invitation to Join the Conversation on Next-Stage Organizations. The whole Teal ecosystem is buzzing with it in many places, including on the EE website and in the EE Community.

If anything that you are reading or watching on Enlivening Edge inspires you to play a role in our work, please get in touch. Or, if you don’t have time but you want to support EE and any of its projects, with a donation, visit our new donation page. If you feel inspired by our our work, you can also help by passing along the links to content that your friends and colleagues could benefit from.

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