Chris Clark

Chris Clark

My purpose at this stage is to learn how to be a gift to the global village of people exploring how to live together with a new set of agreements. I feel grateful that EE saw my gifts and invited me to join its village square. Here, I co-energize the role of Vision Holder and serve as Beauty Catalyst.

For ten years, I tried to live and work congruently with my deeply held values, first as an architect of spiritual community and later as a leader and consultant in corporations. Then, I drew a line in the sand. With my heart in my throat, I leapt to living on the edge--where my education in systems, adaptive leadership, and process could be used to their fullest. And where I could be met by other seekers, dreamers, and lovers of the world.

In my ideal world, we experience surprise, wonder, and awe as an everyday reality. We become weirder, stranger. We pay sacred attention to our deep heart, and we laugh with abandon.

In service to that vision, I started Anthem, a teal-org consultancy. Here, I guide emerging next-stage organizations. With Fred Laloux and others, I launched the Reinventing Organizations Wiki and Discourse platforms. I also use Feelingwork to facilitate spiritual transformation and healing.

Outside my small home in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, I observe hummingbirds among the flowers, and imagine myself pollinating the future. Let's sip the nectar together.