Which of these roles to energize in our global network of contributors could enliven you?

Why are seeking to involve more people? Because we can fulfill our evolutionary purpose only if we take Enlivening Edge to scale. It is a pulsating, living system hungry to grow because it wants to co-evolve with the field it is serving, and it can do that only with your help.

Enlivening Edge is what you make of it. Originally, it was only a structured set of curated and periodically-updated news and views from the frontline of transformational work in organizations. Today it is in the center of its own expanding ecosystem including EE Magazine, EE Magazine Highlights, EE TV, the EE Participatory Action Research Project, and the EE Community, with more projects emerging on the planetary horizon. That includes the soon to be launched Spanish and Japanese editions, with room for other groups to publish it in their own language, supported and coordinated by us.

EE is the beginning of new kind of Teal-inspired media organization, a community vibrant with co-learning, co-inspiration and co-creation, and a commons of emergent practices and ideas worth improving and propagating. We hope Enlivening Edge will become more and more “owned” by you all.

Being involved with EE puts you into a rich experiential world, a playground of inspired and inspiring co-evolutionaries. Come play with us!

EE’s current top needs include:

  • An expert in video marketing to the Visual Web
  • Writers, magicians of word, conveying information, insights, and inspirations with good stories and metaphors for EE Magazine
  • A Volunteers Coordinator who loves welcoming, orienting, and networking new folks involved with EE projects
  • Social Media Ambassadors, passionate about amplifying the reach of good news
  • Section Editors and contributors focused on any of our sectors, sections, movements, or countries, who write or invite articles and select re-publishable content for the website.
  • Online Community Host, interested to learn applying permaculture principles to online hosting
  • Knowledge Gardener, who finds joy in summarizing and distilling the collective wisdom in conversations to make that “knowledge garden” more nourishing, and making the richness of our garden (over 400 articles) more accessible by creating pathways in it
  • Wealth Nurturer, helping EE articulate and realize its financial objectives, as an enabler of making our work reach more people and organizations
  • An Advertising Partnership Implementor whose joy it would be to design and implement strong relationships in specific agreements with new affiliate and advertising partners for EE Magazine
  • Events reporters and Calendar contributors, for spreading the benefits of  “next-stage organization”-related events in various fields and countries
  • EE Magazine Non-English Publications Coordinator, with a global perspective, systems-design and startup skills, and a passionate heart for supporting and collaborating with diverse teams

EE would also love to have more:

  • Editors, working with authors to shape enlivening and growthful articles. EE Magazine’s unique approaches to editing are explained here
  • Events Coordinators, organizing and promoting location-based and/or online events of Enlivening Edge
  • Synergy Catalysts, helping us accomplishing more with our limited resources, by fostering synergy across our projects
  • Website Analyzers and WordPress wizards to support the technical aspect of our work
  • Imagineers, the visual people, creating wondrous visuals
  • Community Builders who love to connect, amplify, network, and encourage learning-communities and communities of practice
  • Video-makers, discovering and conveying the “enlivening edge” of organizations in transformation, with moving pictures. Ask about our EE TV and EE webinars projects!
  • SEO specialist who is proficient in WordPress, for EE Magazine

If you feel like exploring how you might energize any of those functions, let us know.

What talents, knowledge, and skills would you like to contribute, even if not mentioned above?

You may choose but you don’t have to take part in our governance processes, in order to contribute your time, passion, expertise to Enlivening Edge in the above ways, or in ways we invent together. You can give as much or as little time and energy as you wish.

But if you feel drawn to play more deeply with us, as a Role-energizer, you’re invited to a circle of friends engaged in intense fun and co-creation on the edge, constantly reinventing ourselves as we help reinvent organizations. Here’s a picture of all the Roles currently in our holacratic organization of Partners.

Remember to check out other ways to support Enlivening Edge if you feel called to help us realizing our purpose.