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Reinventing Organizations online community
Includes sections on groups by nearest city  or country or sectoral group. (Sign up to view).

Reinventing Organizations Facebook public group

Holacracy + Sociocracy

Evolving Organisation
UK organization offering Holacracy training workshops and expertise.

Offers ‘a complete system for self-organisation’ because ‘organizations are the most powerful force of change on the planet — yet they’re held back by outdated operating models. There is a better way.’

‘Sociocracy is a collaborative governance method based on self-organization, distributed authority, and inclusive decision-making. It implements democracy without majority rule and better ensures freedom and equality’.

Structure & Process
Collaboration consultants, using Holacracy.

Who is using Holacracy?
Lists (many? most? all?) Holacracy-based organisations by sector and size.


Frederic Laloux’s Resources Page

The author of “Reinventing  Organiatons” has a whole collection of essential resources for Teal-inspired or Teal-curious people and organizations.

AQAL Integral Scholars
Group for people using Wilber’s Teal/Integral ‘All Quadrants, All Levels’ approach that was one of Frederic Laloux’s inspirations (Wilber also wrote the foreword to the book).

Center for Human Emergence
Network using Spiral Dynamics-Integral model to ‘initiate action for global transformation’.

Integral Life
‘A global community of leaders, artists, and visionaries….’
The latest thinking and products from Wilber’s Integral/Teal approach – which has influenced individuals as diverse as Bill Clinton, the Bishop of London, former Downing Street policy guru Geoff Mulgan, leading philosopher Charles Taylor, Jeb Bush… and Frederic Laloux!

Integral Leadership Review
Online journal charting the applications of Ken Wilber’s Integral/Teal model to leadership. (MKM: I once used my column there to discuss the occasionally influential and often challenging Teal-yet-hierarchical organizational structure called ‘Requisite Organisation’ developed over 50 years by the late Elliot Jaques and UK Labour Party peer Wilfred Brown; a model that isn’t covered in Reinventing Organizations).

Integral Review
Transdisciplinary peer-reviewed online review.

Integral World
‘An independent forum for a critical discussion of the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber’ – Frank Visser’s long-running site offering ‘unofficial’ discussions around Ken Wilber’s Integral model.

‘A training academy, a consulting firm, and a philanthropic think tank — that advance a bold, integral vision for humanity’s global future.’

Pacific Integral
A organisation supporting ‘human development, leadership, and social change at the emergent edge of consciousness and action’.

Spiral Dynamics-Integral
Don Beck’s site – building Prof Clare Graves’ values research into the colourful Spiral Dynamics model of individual and organizational growth up to Teal and beyond.

Spiral Dynamics Integral (Yahoo group)


Centre for Creative Leadership
A leading international leadership research and training organisation that has used a Teal leadership model, based on Torbert/Kegan – eg see McGuire and Rhodes’s 2009 book Transforming Your Leadership Culture and articles by Nick Petrie.

Turknett Leadership Group
Includes articles by Dr. Keith Eigel, Dr Karl Kuhnert, Dr Lauren Harris and others on Teal level leaders. Including 360-degree feedback behavioural research findings showing that later stage leaders are more effective (including at creating a compelling vision, challenging the status quo, supporting innovation, fostering communication, cooperation, and trust).

‘Next Stage’ organisations

Social media organisation, moving towards self-management.

Buurtzorg USA
Netherlands-based Buurtzorg – an inspiring health sector case study in Reinventing Organizations – has a US off-shoot.

Social media company moving towards self-organisation, using Holacracy. See ‘How Medium Is Building a New Kind of Company with No Managers’.

Morning Star Self-Management Institute
Morning Star is one of the case studies in Reinventing Organizations. The Institute was formed in 2008.

Pioneering organisations – list
A list developed by Niels Pflaeging/Beta Codex network – includes W.L.Gore, HCL, Ikea, Zappos, Valve Software, Netflix and Mondragon. (NB not all Teal, in Laloux’s definition).

Responsive Org (Facebook group)
International organisation – run using Holacracy – that is building a social movement for people trying to make their organisations more responsive.

Washington State – Office of the Chief Information Officer
US Public Sector organisation experimenting with Holacracy. The first to do so?

Who is using Holacracy?
Lists (most? all?) Holacracy-based organisations by sector and size.

Zappos – Holacracy pages
The largest and best-known organisation currently making the shift to Holacracy – to free up staff autonomy and creativity. Very much in the public spotlight.

Organization Development

Barrett Values Centre
Approach to transforming organizations centred around a simple tool for tracking organization’s shifts into Teal and the gap between where it wants to be and where it is now.

‘A community of people who care so much about the culture of our organisations that we’re willing to lose our jobs for it.’ (I notice that sometimes it’s the less take-no-prisoners ‘almost willing to lose our jobs for it’!).
Great meet-ups hosted by Matt Partovi, strong interest in Reinventing Organizations.

Future Considerations
Pioneering UK consultancy working with Frederic Laloux to develop an open source training in creating ‘Next Stage’ organizations. Supports a UK Teal community of practice and Enlivening Edge itself.

Global Organization Design Society
Advocates a ‘Requisite Organization’ structure, based on six decades of research about stages of development in individuals and organisations. Named in the book Spiral Dynamics as a ‘Teal’ structure – though very much retains hierarchy.

Pioneering social media consultancy with a deep interest in new oragnisational structures and the future of work. Sign up for their regular Linklog news round-up.

Requisite Organization (Linkedin group)
‘To foster discussions regarding the practices and principles of Requisite Organization as espoused by the late Elliott Jaques’ – based on six decades of research about stages of development in individuals and organisations. Named in the book Spiral Dynamics as a ‘Teal’ structure – though very much retains hierarchy.

Participatory group practices

Appreciative Inquiry Commons
Appreciative Inquiry is a dialogue-based technique to enable organisational transformations (Reinventing Organisations describes a typical use of this tool, with 500 people – see page 279-282).

Gervase Bushe/Dialogic Organization Development
Helping to catalyse a momentous shift from the conventional more expert-led and linear ‘Diagnostic’ OD [Organization Development] to self-organising and emergent ‘Dialogical’ OD.
See also UK NHS’s dialogic-based mobile app and bibliography of 40 Dialogic tool and methods (includes Art of Hosting, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Open Space, Technology of Participation, Theory U and World Cafe).

Future Search Network
A major dialogical/participatory method for transforming organizations.

Liberating Structures
An easy-to-use set of engaging and creative group structures we can all apply to make meetings energising and collaborative – no need for an expert, extrovert facilitator. A quick way to begin to create a Teal organisation in microcosm in your next meeting? Name inspired by Bill Torbert’s work.

‘A global network of organizations committed to democracy and freedom in the workplace’.


Susanne Cook-Greuter/Centre for Vertical Development
Supports the work of Susanne Cook-Greuter, a pioneer in assessing – and supporting – individual development up to the Teal stage, and beyond. Susanne also has her own website, with valuable writings including ‘Making the Case for a Developmental Perspective’.

Harold Jarche
A visionary who subverts conventional management models. His ‘Principles of Networked Unmanagement’ offer a flexible and contextual take on the ‘Next Stage’ organizational models of Laloux and Pflaeging.

Euan Semple
A UK social media pioneer supporting people trying to make organisations more human, less hierarchical.

Niels Pflaeging
Theorist, practitioner and author of the short and highly visual book Organise for Complexity – How to get life back into work to build the high-performance organization.

Bill Torbert
A  pioneer in supporting leadership – and organisations – to move to Teal (and beyond) – ie from Dependent forms of leadership, to Independent to Inter-independent/mutual. Co-authored the award-winning paper ‘Seven Transformations of Leadership’ (Harvard Business Review, 2005). His longitudinal study of 10 organisations found that conventional/common ‘action logics’ aren’t able to successfully transform their organisations.

Reinventing Organisations-related

Reinventing Organizations (Facebook page)
Frederic Laloux’s Facebook page for Reinventing Organizations.

Reinventing Organizations Facebook public group

Reinventing Organizations online community
‘An online conversation platform for leaders taking their organization to Teal. A place to go with a question, to hear stories, share advice…’.

Reinventing Organisations wiki
‘A wiki about Teal management practices!… The wiki aims to be a practical resource, almost a sort of handbook, for leaders who feel called to go “Teal” with their business, nonprofits, schools or hospital.’

Royal Society of Arts
Historic civic innovation organisation which also has a great free public events program, which has included some leading ‘Next Stage’ organisation figures (Frederic Laloux, Buurtzorg’s Jos de Blok and Prof Robert Kegan. Kegan talked about how ‘Teal’ stage (which he labels ‘Self-Transforming’) is the only one that can adequately solve the world’s intractable ‘wicked’ issues, as it naturally wants to deeply listen to contrasting stakeholders, not just spot further self-justifications, as is the norm). NB There are 20-minute edited videos, and also the full hour-long audios, including audience Q+A.


Adult Development (Yahoo group)
Prof Michael Commons’ discussion group – grounded in academic research – regularly looks at the shifts in thinking/behaviour as ‘Teal’ capacities emerge (though prefers other labels for it – and more contemporary research than Jane Loevinger’s or Spiral Dynamics’).