Welcome to Enlivening Edge Magazine Highlights, April 2018!

Are you building a movement? Are you an Ally of Evolution? If you said No, are you sure you’re not?

Many of these articles from March and April are personal stories, possibly a lot like your own, of people who are truly changing the way people live and work. Enough people, with enough connections and enough synergies, become a movement that can become the mainstream.

Welcome to this 17th issue of Enlivening Edge's bi-monthly Magazine Highlights. Our January and February focus was on movement-building. This time we again focus on movement building, now through the lens of Allies of Evolution, the theme of the Integral European Conference in May in Hungary. The Teal Organizations Track there, curated by Enlivening Edge with Next-Stage World, will offer the experience of movements that add up to a Movement, through personal stories of people making a difference.

Dive into a personal interview with one of the track’s curators, to give you the inside story.

The world is aflame with movements toward conscious society; be ignited by this small intrepid group, sharing their story about teaching values to teachers in Venezuela, to reinvent an entire country. Then marvel at such interconnected stories, viewed from a social 36,000 feet, forming the pattern of a movement awakening to its own empowerment for social innovation. 

Meanwhile, the Reinventing Organizations movement enters a new era with author Frederic Laloux’s launch of a new video series of “Insights for the Journey.” You won’t want to miss those.

Below we highlight about 2/3 of the useful and inspiring articles from this Magazine cycle. Be sure to browse the rest

As always, we encourage you to help someone learn from you, by commenting on an article that sparks your interest or curiosity. Even better, begin or enter a conversation that moves the needle.

Looking ahead to our next magazine cycle, we invite you to answer our global call for 300-word personal stories from people in organizations that represent the future, here now. Will you show up as an author, to inspire others like you, who are movement-builders even as they do their daily work? Let us be inspired by unsung stories and heroes, and see ourselves as them.

Please write and send us what you’d like to share on the theme or anything else.


Welcome to the Teal Track of Integral European Conference 2018!

Enjoy deep learning and valuable new relationships in this rich, expansive program.

Reinventing Organizations: Insights from Laloux for the Journey April 14 Event

A live conversation as Laloux unveils his new project. 

News from Russian Organizations of the Future Integral European Conference Presentation 2018

Create or be inspired by personal stories from “future” organizations that exist now.

Venezuela Trying to Seed Values in a Troubled Society

How to change a whole society? This groups starts by changing the school teachers.


Establishing a Teal School in Germany – Presentation at Integral European Conference 2018

Find out how this Free Nature School is attracting and inspiring people globally.

Building a Global Movement for Patient Centred Care

What’s the secret of Buurtzorg’s success? It’s simpler than you might think.


Experiences of a Refugee: A Story of Self-Organization in Africa

Let yourself be inspired by this personal transformative journey with Holacracy.

Aligning People and Legal Structures with a Holacracy Organization

How is closing the loopholes and moving beyond For-Purpose?

Practical Application of Complexity Theory in Engineering Context – IEC 2018 Presentation

Be astonished: a developmental framework can shape effective communication.

Four Levels of Work in the Responsible Entrepreneur’s Business

Consider how working with these levels is like learning to ride a bicycle.


The Inside Track on the Teal Organizations Track of Integral European Conference 2018

An inside peek at the team dynamics that go into shaping this global gathering.

Transformative Communities of Practice Bridge Individual and Social Transformation – IEC 2018

Experience Teal organizing as an embodied, connected, and evolutionary ability.

Writing a Seed Story to the Future

If you want to write a seed story with sweeping impact, here are tips from a master.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Why do visual contracts require more clarity, transparency, and precision?


Could Self-management Save our Health and Care Systems? – IEC 2018 Presentation

Learn why the art of deep listening is central. Come grow your superpowers.

The Myth of “Natural Flow”

How can we use intentional patterns and systems to support shared power?


Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Level 5’/Teal Organization?

Listen to how leaders can change organizations and become changed in the process.

Peter Merry on Futureproof Education

Watch this presentation on how we need to educate children for a change of eras.

Tools and Practices

77 Elements of Sociocracy 3.0

Play with the elements or patterns that suit your company the best.

Journalism for Navigating Uncertainty: The Possibility Principle

Catch these tips for telling stories that spark creativity and innovation.

A New Take on Leadership for the 21st Century: LQ – Leader Intelligence

Why the future needs leaders with spiritual, emotional, and rational intelligence.

Transforming Networked Social Movements

New ways to connect and activate our communities to create more impact together.

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