Welcome to the November 2016 Enlivening Edge Magazine Highlights!

The morning of waking up to a Trump/Brexit era shocked me, like many others in the progressive camp, into awareness of our own blissful ignorance about just how much pain and anger there is among the underprivileged multitudes. It also served as a good reminder why we want to enliven the edge of evolution, in the first place.

You will find more about that in my Editorial, here.

- George Pór, Magazine Highlights Editor
Open Enspiral: Working in a Participatory Way
Open Enspiral workshops give tools and experience in participatory systems.
Invitation to a Series of Conversations with Enlivening Edge Magazine
Grow deeper connections, a sense of belonging, and personal empowerment, with other members of the EE community.
What Happens When You Lose a Leader? A Neo Story
There’s a difference between believing something to be true, and knowing it’s true.
Diamond Media, an Organic Organisation
Read the story of a musician who turned into a software entrepreneur in Tokyo. In his startup, the CEO is elected annually, and Holacracy is used as a mindset.
World Centric: a B-Corp and Much More…
How to blend new management style with ecological consciousness
Co-op Profile: Loomio, Part II
Interview with Alanna Krause, co-founder of the worker-owned Loomio, an online group decision-support software cooperative in New Zealand
How Freelancers Are Reinventing Work through New Collective Enterprises
Look inside the collectivist movement of freelancers thriving together in the gig economy.
Building an Authentic Organization where People Can Achieve their Full Potential
They work with bottom-up plans instead of top-down targets, and say, “We need to breathe to live, but we don’t live to breathe. Healthy financials boost our growth and impact.”
Weaving Perspectives, Part 2: The Response-ability of Living Systems
How and why Teal emerges from challenges in organizations and society: exploring relationships among the work of Frederic Laloux, Otto Scharmer, and Thomas Hübl.
Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces
How would you answer the questions in this interview about great workplaces?
Economic Development with Purpose
How knowing the context of personal and historical developmental stages for next-stage organizations can help us now
Ecstasy in a Governance Meeting
Ecstatic experience in a business meeting is not happening to me every week. Find out what evoked it.
Writing with Ecosystem Awareness
This column helps you feel into how the interconnection of living ecosystems plays into the writing process. 
Meeting Life Where It Is
From VUCA to ANSA: from Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity to Agility, Non-linear thinking, Self-Organisation and Awareness
Design Led Business: a Brief History of How We Think
A quick walk-through of the stages in development of worldviews, many of which co-exist within today’s organizations
Decentralization in the New World of Work
What’s happening on the very leading edge of next-stage organizations? Interview with Tom Thomison on Free Cities Podcast
Insight To Action – Inspiring Business Innovation for a Better World
Podcast about the future of work
Liquid Organisation: People Driven Disruption
After a whole century of  hierarchical and bureaucratic management of organisations, it’s time to evolve beyond them.
Tools and Practices
How to Work, Earn, and Live on Purpose
Let’s learn from those who are doing it.
3 Lessons from Gratipay’s Take-what-you-want Compensation Experiment
See what works in an innovative compensation model of a self-managing company.
The Longing for Meaningful Connection
How the “Map of Meaning” can enable us to become more deeply human
The MetaCapital Framework: A Design-Led Approach to Mapping Ecosystems
A promising model of 4 impacts, 10 capitals, and 4 bottom lines to build a wisdom economy
Common Challenges When Adopting Holacracy
How many organizations have gotten past these common challenges?
5 Steps Towards ‘Teal’
Check which of these steps is relevant to you, given different starting points of the journey to Teal.
Reports from the Field
Integral Voices: New Views of Leadership and Leadership Development
Summary of a new tool for assessing and growing leadership, with link to videocast
Open Enspiral: Lessons from a Participatory Network
A workshop of reflections on and practices of self-management, growing a network, and scaling a culture
What Has Eros/Power Got to Do with Teal Organizing? Quite a Lot!
A participant said about this workshop: shocking and revealing! 
Self-Management: the Joys, the Frustrations, the Questions
Leaders and practitioners of self-managing organizations talk in a café in Brighton, UK
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