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Our attention grows ever more fragmented, in response to so many life and work interests and priorities vying for the limited quantity of our precious attention. When that happens, we can use use the situation as a reminder to  pause and bring our attention back into where we are undivided. That place of wholeness is pregnant with more options for making wiser decisions than the fragmented place is. Those options are ours just for the price of learning to manage our attention, individually and as teams and organizations.
Spring is a good time to celebrate wholeness, so the March issue of EE celebrates wholeness! We offer it to you as a bouquet of spring flowers freshly collected from the field and full of colors.

The “we” is over 35 authors who contributed to the over 45 articles since our January issue, and the “we” is also the team producing this newsletter and the online EE magazine (that the “Read more” links point to).

If you are curious, you can find out more about what’s happening in and around Enlivening Edge, in the Editorial of this issue, here.
From our news section
Our biggest news is the first international gathering of the movement of “next-stage” organizations, which will take place in Teal Organizations track of the Integral European Conference, in Hungary, May 4-8. A team from EE has the honor to curate the track’s program, and we are super-excited about its 30+ workshops and presentations on the menu. Needless to say, we want to connect with as many of you there, in person, as possible. Be present at this gathering and before then, spread the word about the “Teal tribe” coming home on the shore of beautiful Lake Balaton.

And in further news...
Get previews of what will be presented in the TealOrg track at IEC 2016:
Initiatives worth paying attention to:
Re-imagining Long-term Care — the next-stage revolution is moving into the last stage of our life.
The Paradox of Humanity in Matt Black Systems’ Self-Management — unique model boosts productivity 300%.
Meeting Magic’s Journey to Teal — lessons learned on the journey, so far.
Debbie Shares the Story about the Evolution of her Team — reasons for less stress with Holacracy.
First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses — fascinating, frank insights about the Zappos culture.
Confessions of a Company Without Managers — about the business value of self-management.
A Before-and-After Look into Holacracy at Voys — changing purpose, culture, and decision-making.
How Buffer’s Remote Team Defines Self Management — 5 guidelines crucial to self-management.
Wholeness in Our Every Breath — living divided and yearning for wholeness.
What Does It Mean to Bring Your ‘Whole Self’ to Work — at Buffer, people are leaving nothing at the door.
Dimensions of Wholeness — get the whole picture of wholeness.
How Do We Avoid Casualties In This Revolution? — tips for avoiding the fallacies of reinvention.
Beyond “Dreamers vs Doers” — Full Circle Leadership — overcoming the visionary/operational divide.
Business Books That Zappos CEO Thinks Everyone Should Read — incorporate what makes sense.
The First Step Towards Teal Is Grief — Can we ever forgive ourselves, unless we grieve for ourselves?
The Tealing of Money — Teal money systems enable the reconnecting of our Values to value.
Look up the emergent stories from:
Tools and Practices
Catalysts: Servant Leadership in a Boss-less Organisation — how a large network can execute collective strategy.
Creating Your “Distributed Collaborative Organization” — 5 steps to make your own DCO, with examples.
Reports from the Field
Every Theory Reflects Its Creator — experiencing wholeness with the author of Reinventing Organizations
Who Is Going Teal Germany? — report on an emergent network of regional groups inspired by the next-stage
Meet WorldBlu: a Taste of Freedom at Work — a sample of democratic workplaces
Conference with Frederic Laloux in Paris — 900 gathered to learn about “reinventing” in French
Teal Buzz
Dates for Your Diary
The Calendar section lists a dozen of upcoming events in countries where the reinvention movements are alive.
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