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Enlivening Edge Magazine Advertising Partnerships

Why now?

You might already know that our Evolutionary Purpose is about helping people, initiatives, and organizations moving into next-stage (Teal) consciousness and practices become more inter-connected into a collective intelligence.

But you might not know this: During the past 31 months of publishing, we’ve shared almost 900 articles with our readers, who have left over 900 comments for dialogue with many of our more than 200 original or republished authors. The Teal/Reinventing Organizations/next-stage community is responding positively, and synergies are abounding. We constantly get comments like these.

  • You are a reference of the Teal community.
  • It’s an amazing resource, love your work.
  • You are clearly the leaders and connection to Teal World Wide right now.
  • Am constantly impressed with the quality of the content (and quantity).

For a long time, EE Magazine did not accept any kind of advertising or affiliate marketing. Based on feedback like the above, we are encouraged to increase the magazine’s reach and scope so we can be even more helpful. And we want to continue providing free content.

The best way to achieve these goals is to generate revenue by accepting ads and affiliate partnerships with people and organizations aligned with our Evolutionary Purpose.

The Bigger Picture

We believe that our ads and affiliate partnerships will further energize our social ecosystem. They will allow its people, leaders, organizations, businesses, and groups to know about each other even more powerfully. The more we can learn about and from each other, the more we will thrive individually and collectively—and uplift the whole world.

While traditional (1st Tier) partners strive only for mutual benefit, Teal partners embrace that motivation and expand it with the question: What can be the deepest gift of our partnering to the evolution of consciousness and society, something that we couldn’t accomplish without joining forces?

How can we intensify our passion and aliveness by prototyping new Teal kinds of relationships, co-creating an evolutionary leap not just within organizations but for inter-organizational partnerships such as advertising and affiliate relationships?

Going with the wisdom that in relating, each of us identifies and learns to express more of who we really are, then a relationship of partnering between two groups, could offer the same value. If so, then the more we interact, the clearer we become about our voice, our identity, our purpose, our authentic expressions.

We at Enlivening Edge Magazine invite you to share information and inspirations about our gifts to the whole, as part of prototyping Teal ecosystemic relations.

The Specific Picture

Many players in our ecosystem have offerings of extraordinary value. But we can’t always call your attention to them through a magazine article.

Making  learning and sharing opportunities more visible, via ads or affiliate marketing links, for folks “going Teal,” is simply a natural expression of our Evolutionary Purpose. Cultivating partnerships between EE and our sister organizations is another.

Your trust is important to us. Please know that any advertiser or affiliate marketing partner has gone through several layers of “vetting.” Nothing you see in EE Magazine is there solely because it’s a source of revenue. We only share opportunities that members of our EE team are drawn to and would happily participate in!

Starting the Conversation

If you would like to partner with EE Magazine to share something of significant value with our readers, please start the conversation via the Magazine website’s Contact form. Since we tailor each situation to suit the particulars, we do not publish ad rates or ad structures. Due to various considerations, we will not be able to accept every proposed ad or affiliate marketing partnership, even if it would be of great value for our readers.

If you have any concerns or comments about our advertising policy, please use our Contact form. This policy, like everything else, is evolving.